Inspiring Young People Through The Power of Creative Expression

Welcome to Voices United,
where young people are empowered to take action
and make the world a better place!


Voices United is a non-profit organization that fosters cross-cultural understanding and youth action.


Voices United, formerly Peace Child Miami, was created in 1989 by 17 year old Katie Christie, a high school senior at Miami’s New World School of the Arts.

Voices United utilizes the performing arts to:

Empower young people to create and promote solutions to community, national, and world problems.

Provide opportunities for young people to explore, develop and share their visions and concerns.

Propose solutions to some of the many problems that we face on a global level without endorsing political, ideological, or religious preferences.


Just some of the different things we have done!




Alex Lacamoire

Working with Katie and Voices United throughout my teen years laid the groundwork for what would eventually become my career in theater as a Music Director and Arranger. Katie invited me to participate when I was 14 to transcribe and arrange the songs for their show. And when I was 16, Katie asked me to be the Pianist/Conductor for their 1991 production. That was one of the first times that I was put in charge of an orchestra for a musical, where I served as the musical director and conductor of a band. I have very fond memories of playing great music with great people, all for a great cause. Getting to perform in that capacity gave me the experience that would allow me to pursue my career in New York, where I am now the Music Director/Conductor of IN THE HEIGHTS, as well as the Tony-Winning Orchestrator for the show. Many thanks to Katie for her belief in a young kid who loved to play piano!


Tarell Alvin McCraney

What can I say about my experiences in Voices United? I am afraid all my adjectives describing the moments of triumph, the days of bravery, the bonding of diversity, still would not summon up the right spirit to give breath to what voices has meant to me; they won’t reconstruct the life long friends I’ve made, the courage I built within myself, the times that inspire me even today. Words cannot express them. Forgive my inarticulateness.


But what is louder than my words, stronger than my inability to rationalize emotion, is the truth:


Voice United, a program started almost 20 years ago, still today, is an integral part of our community, an organization devoted to educating young people about peace and inoculating them with a love of diversity and acceptance.


Can you imagine? Any place in the world that allows youth from all walks of life, with no bias to political agenda, most of the students can’t vote yet, to come into rehearsal halls and practice peace, patience, respect and acceptance of one another; Charging them to step across the line and up to the microphone to give their thoughts, loves, fears, hopes, and dreams voice. Where in this time of high drop-out rates and heavy military recruiting are we teaching our young people to be students of peace and understanding, to be leaders of acceptance and diversity? Can you imagine such a place?


If you haven’t, I invite you to go down on a Saturday to Voices rehearsal or hear a touring company show or come to the Gusman performance usually in late spring and there you will find Voices United, formerly Peace Child Miami, bringing in the future of this community and reminding them that the tomorrow they dream of is still in their hands and that together they can continue to give voice to the voiceless, light to darkness, and peace to the loveless.


I am proud to say that I was apart of Voices United, but more so I am proud to report that it continues to teach, motivate, and invigorate the youth of today. And there are no words strong enough, beautiful enough, thankful enough to show how grateful I am that it continues.


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