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Community Connections

Each month, Voices United host a collection of virtual gatherings. These gatherings allow us to stay connected, inspired and supported. These online connections also provide us an opportunity to collaborate, create together and make change in our communities.

Social Justice Book Club -Sunday, August 23rd at 2 PM EST

Sunday, August 23rd at 2pm EST
August Events:
Just Write Prompt-A-Thon
Sunday, August 16th at 1pm EST
This virtual gathering will offer an interesting and fun twist on your average social justice conversation. We will gather for 90 minutes and come prepared to write. The group will be given prompts with a social justice theme. The group will share and discuss their writings. VU (Voices United) will compile all the material and compile a collection of writings that will then be sent to musicians to add sound, to visual artists to add images, to dancers to add movement and to actors to bring it all together, giving the work voice.

Social Justice Book Club - How To Be An Antiracist - Discussion 4
Sunday, August 23rd at 2pm EST
This virtual gathering meets monthly to discuss social justice books. This is free and open to all. We encourage people to connect with the book selected through multiple media platforms. The books we read are from suggestions coming from members of the group.

Alumni & Friends Happy Hour Sunday, August 30th at 6 PM EST

This monthly virtual gathering is just for fun. Alumni and friends of VU come together to catch up, share a drink, introduce their children, laugh, reminisce, and so on. This is a very casual gathering and just about connecting with friends.

Happy Hour
Just Write Prompt-A-Thon Sunday, August 16th at 1 PM EST