Community Connections

Each month, Voices United hosts a collection of virtual gatherings. These gatherings allow us to stay connected, inspired and supported. These online connections also provide us an opportunity to collaborate, create together and make change in our communities.

Restorative Retreats

Artists, educators, and warriors of change spend enormous amounts of energy on others and rarely take time out to nourish themselves. Voices United recognizes this need and is offering regional restorative retreats that include workshops, networking opportunities, relaxation, yoga, meditation, arts & crafts, live music and more.

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is designed to connect VU alumni, enabling them to be a network of responsive leaders, mobilizing to address the needs of our nation as needed. The Alumni Council consists of affinity councils, defined by the need, and offers them opportunities for more specific networks with a more specific and strategic response to the needs of their community. Voices United and The Alumni Council can be engaged to support all affinity efforts. (VU Alumni consist of anyone who has engaged with our programming)
VU will support the Alumni Council by connecting them via social media platforms, offering online events, offering relevant resources, and program support.
Affinity Councils will name a liaison to work directly with VU and will connect with fellow liaisons periodically to learn from each other's efforts. Affinity Councils may have sub councils as well for example the Black Alumni Council may for a New World Black Alumni Council.
NWSA Black Alumni Council will supply support and resources for the black NWSA students, work to amplify their voices, and assist students as they hold the school accountable.

Just.Us Collective

This program for youth is designed to provide a space of healing, skills development, and goal setting. The group will then identify topics that they would like to focus on and collaboratively create an original artistic production that expresses their vision for change. This program is being piloted with a group of students from New World School of the Arts. In the future, this program can be implemented in schools and community organizations.

Leadership Forum

The Voices United Summer Leadership Forum focuses on developing leadership skills with a creative twist. The program has 3 major components and will offer participants engaging virtual workshops, games, group activities, and presentations. The month-long program will be offered 2 times a week for 3 hours and include individual and group tasks, assignments, and projects.